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SNAPMASK is a one of a kind full service augmented reality studio that merges the real world with virtual characters, objects and environments. We also design and build extreme realistic haunt facades for live shows and events.

If you are a mask maker or haunt show looking to take your products to the next level, LOOK NO FURTHER! Now with the power of Augmented Reality, try on virtual masks anywhere in a SNAP with your smartphone camera. No headset hardware or goggles means no more hygiene concerns. If you are a social media influencer, streamer or video maker, create exciting promo videos and customized AR experiences that engage your brand audience like never before.

Our in-house design team brings the very best and most experienced AR artists in Hollywood and the immersive gaming industry. See it to believe it!

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Augmented Reality Apps

We develop AR apps that can recognize facial features, gestures and objects, augment images and maps with contextual data and change superimposed graphic elements based on the gyroscope, sensor, accelerometer and GPS data.

3D Masking + Head Tracking

Our cross platform markerless mocap system is based on the RGB sensor enabling instant calibration for personalized facial model and responsive expression tracking. We can transform you into any ghoulish character imaginable , using live realistic visual effects with shaders, materials and video on all mobile phones even publish your experiences to social media and Instagram.

3D Scanning

We offer a complete set of services to deliver high quality scans from the data acquisition to the finished model. We specialize in photogrammetry, custom scan cleanup, model generation, retopology and ready to publish low-poly versions for interactive WebAR platforms or augmented reality. We optimize your digital assets for effortless integration into your pipeline.


Use Snapmask to build immersive hyper-optimized WebAR experiences that work on every mobile device. No app required! Face masks can be captured and shared with our in-browser photo and video recording feature. Develop rich, no compromise interactive content with us today!

Theming Services

Let us make your haunt attraction into a World Class Event! Our team of theming experts and production designers live at the intersection of extreme horror and augmented reality and are the best creative minds in the business. If you’re looking for a custom turn-key build out or renovating an existing one, we can tackle any project and can ship it to you or install at your location. Get in touch today!

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When you want the best look no further. We stand 100% behind our technology and services. Give us as many details regarding your project, to ensure we deliver you the best possible solution.

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